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Rebuild Your Smile in Owings Mills with Restorative Dentistry

Owings Mills Restorative Dentistry Smiling man and womanIt’s likely that most patients will experience a dental problem at one point or another over the course of their lives. Whether it’s as severe as several missing teeth or as a minor as a small cavity, the Dolfield Dental of Owings Mills team’s approach is always positive and compassionate. We look forward to helping you regain a smile that feels strong, confident, and functional through our available restorative services. Contact our Owings Mills, MD location today to schedule a first appointment with Dr. Milner.

Dental Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Dental crown on table top

When you have teeth that are injured, weakened, or even missing completely, a custom-made restoration can help you bring back your smile’s fullest potential in amazing ways. For instance, crowns are versatile options that both rebuild existing teeth while also preserving what remains of the original structure. Alternatively, we can design a dental bridge that fully replaces one or more missing teeth in a consecutive row by anchoring over adjacent teeth. Our goal is to leave patients feeling secure and confident with their new improvements!

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of smile during exam

Many of our older patients surely remember the days when silver-colored amalgam fillings were the norm. Thankfully, our team is happy to offer a much-improved alternative in the form of tooth-colored fillings. This type of filling is made from composite resin, which comes in several lifelike shades and also offers plenty of flexible durabilities. It can be used to create much smaller fillings (saving healthy tooth structure in the process) and is also less prone to uncomfortable sensitivity when eating overly hot or cold foods.

Full & Partial Dentures

Closeup of healthy teeth and gums

Dentures have been around for countless years in some shape or form – in fact, there’s evidence of people using them in many ancient civilizations! Today’s versions are more modern, customizable, and comfortable than ever before. At Dolfield Dental of Owings Mills, we have several prosthetic options, including removable full-arch dentures, removable partial models, and even implant-retained prosthetics that offer patients additional stability.

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Root Canals

X-ray of root canal treated tooth

Root canals may have a “scary” reputation, but don’t believe the rumors – this procedure is actually a highly successful way to escape the pain caused by advanced tooth infections. Our doctors will access the inner pulp of the affected tooth and remove the diseased portions, thoroughly cleaning the area before sealing it shut once more. A custom-made dental crown will be placed over the tooth as a final touch to renew its stability and function, allowing you to enjoy your natural smile well into the future.


Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

Our doctors will do everything in their power to help patients maintain healthy, confident smiles for life. However, there are situations where the extraction of one or more tooth may become a necessity in order to help you maintain your oral health and overall wellbeing. For instance, you may have suffered a traumatic facial injury, or advanced infection has rendered restorative treatment ineffective. At this point, our goal will be to alleviate any pain you’re experiencing and help you select the right tooth replacement option right away so that you don’t have to be without your full set of teeth for very long.