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Escape Jaw Pain with TMJ Therapy

Man grimacing holding cheek in painTMJ disorder is a potentially serious health problem that can wreak havoc on your smile, your wellbeing, and your day-to-day quality of life. It starts at the temporomandibular joints (also known simply as the TMJ), which have the important job of connecting the lower jaw to the skull. When this area and/or its surrounding facial muscles become strained or otherwise negatively harmed, it’s time to turn to a trusted dentist for assistance in overcoming the resulting discomfort that can follow. Contact Dolfield Dental in Owings Mills, MD today to schedule a visit.

Diagnosis & Treatment

X-ray of skull on tablet computer

So what causes TMJ disorder? This condition is a complex one that can have several different sources, from a misaligned bite to a traumatic facial injury to habitual bruxism (teeth grinding). However, most cases will exhibit at least some of the following symptoms:

  • Significant, chronic pain in the jaw, face, head, shoulders, or neck
  • Constant discomfort that feels like an earache
  • Constant clicking and popping sounds from the jaw joints
  • Difficulty with opening the mouth fully and/or chewing food
  • The jaw regularly locking in place

Occlusal Adjustments

Skull and jawbone model

One common source of TMJ disorder is a resting bite that’s creating excessive strain on certain areas of the mouth. Thankfully, our doctors can perform occlusal (bite) adjustment by precisely adjusting the surfaces of certain teeth in order to more evenly spread around the pressure they’re experiencing. This type of procedure can also reduce uncomfortable dental sensitivity. Our goal is to only make changes that are absolutely necessary and reintroduce harmony to your smile!

Occlusal Splints

Custom occlusal splint

Occlusal splints are a very common solution to TMJ disorder, especially if your specific case is related to chronic teeth grinding. Our team will design a personalized appliance (similar to a nightguard or sportsguard) that is designed to hold your jaw steady in a more comfortable and relaxed position. Over time, the consistent use of an occlusal splint can even result in permanent improvements for your jaw’s natural positioning and greatly reduced discomfort.